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2,5 s


Top Speed

116 km/h



Wheelbase: 1530 mm
Track width: front: 1220 mm, rear: 1150 mm
Mounting: CFRP-double-wishbone-axles
Upright: welded hollow structure made of titanium, adjustment of camber through shims
Wheel hub: aluminium lightweight construction with integrated brake disc linkage
Spring-damper-system: kinematically decoupled adjustment of heave- and roll-movements
Rims: 13" - CFRP made by RTM process
Tyres: 13" low profile Continental C18 Slick
Brake system: front: AP calipers, rear: HOPE calipers



Battery: 7 kWh total capacity, 532 V nominal voltage, high energy lithium polymer cells, self-developed HV-Battery Management System
Cooling system: separate water-cooling-circuits for power electronics and engines with adjusted temperature levels
Engines: self-developed, permanently excited synchronous motor
Gearbox: self-developed step-planetary gear with a transmission of 15,3



Design: single-chassis in honeycomb construction with HV-cable channels in aluminium honeycombs
Safety: safety side-/front-/rear-impact structure made of aluminium roll-over bar, CFRP crash element
Seat & restraining system: two-part seat made of CFRP-sandwich-structure with optimised driving ergonomics, 6-point performance belt
Steering wheel: CFRP with ergonomical 3D-printed handles, customized to each driver



System concept: modular structure, expandable, communication via CAN-bus
Live-telemetry: self-developed, customizable 
Control unit: control of the drivetrain, regulation of the cooling system, regulation of driving dynamics (torque vectoring, traction control), regulation of recuperation, control of the drag reduction system (DRS)
Battery: lithium-polymer-battery with self-developed battery management
Cable Harness: self-made, 4-part harness, reduced power demand through intensive use of the CAN-bus, < 400 m cable length, < 2 kg weight
Driver’s interface: self-developed interface unit with integrated LCD screen and additional LEDs, controllable with the steering wheel


System concept: high downforce at maximum efficiency and optimal balance, simple dismantling and assembling mechanisms of front- and rear-wing and diffuser, designed for cornering
Front-wing: height and angle of attack adjustable 
Rear-wing: adjustable through CFRP rods, drag reduction system for minimal air resistance on straights
Side-wing: optimised airflow around the tires, downforce through integrated wing


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