2,5 s


188 kg

Top Speed

121 km/h

Wheelbase: 1530 mm

Track width: 1220 mm at the front and 1150 mm at the rear

Suspension: CFK double wishbone axles

Steering: Backlash-free steering via lower and upper gearbox

Wheel carrier: welded hollow structure, 8 mm sheet steel, camber adjustment via adjusting plates

Wheel hub: lightweight aluminum construction with integrated rim star

Spring Damper System: Pullrod system on the front and rear axles

Rims: 10 "- CFK rim base

Tires: Hoosier R25B 18 x 7.5-10 (front / rear)

Brake System: Front Axle: AP Brake Calipers, Rear Axle: HOPE Brake Caliper


Battery: 6.5kWh total capacity, 518V nominal voltage, high energy cells (lithium-polymer), own development of HV-BMS

Cooling system: Separate cooling circuits for power electronics and motors with adapted temperature levels

Engines: Self-developed, permanent-magnet synchronous motor

Transmission: Self-developed, two-stage planetary gear with a ratio of 22



Construction: CFK - Single chassis in sandwich construction with HV and LV cable ducts in the foam core

Safety: Safety Side / front and rear impact structure with aluminum milled front roll bar, hybrid crash element

Seat & Belt: Two-piece CFRP sandwich seat as part of the firewall, custom 6-point harness

Steering wheel: CFRP steering wheel

System concept: Modular design, can be modified as required, communication via CAN bus
Live telemetry: self-developed, customizable live telemetry
Control unit: control of the drive system, control of the cooling system, vehicle dynamics control (torque vectoring, traction control), recuperation control, control of the Drag Reduction System (DRS)
LV battery: Lithium polymer battery with proprietary battery management
Cable harness: self-made, four-part wiring harness, reduced power requirements through intensive use of the CAN bus, <400m cable length, <2kg weight



System concept: high downforce at max. efficiency, easiest disassembly and assembly of each wing, curve-optimized
Front wing: adjustability of the overall wing in height, finest aerodynamic balance adjustment via flaps
Rear wing: adjustability via CFK rods, drag reduction system for minimal air resistance on the straight
Side wing: Optimized flow around the tires, downforce via integrated wings
Thermal Management: Two sidepods with both external and internal airflow

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