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  • How does the application process work?
    After your application, we will invite you to a personal interview.
  • What is the time commitment?
    KA-RaceIng is a full-time project. Of course, the time required varies between different seasons and their vehicle goals, as well as between the different tasks and components that are available. In principle, however, we do not rule out a part-time work model - we are therefore happy to clarify for each individual case whether participation with a clearly limited time makes sense, as we naturally strive to enable as many as possible to participate.
  • How does a season go?
    The season starts in September with a concept and design phase. At the beginning of the year we start the production phase in order to present our finished vehicles to the public for the first time at the rollout at the beginning of May. We then put the vehicles into operation and prepare for the competitions. In the summer, the season will be concluded with several international events.
  • Do I need specialist or previous knowledge to participate?
    You don't need any special prior knowledge to start with us. We will find a suitable component or a suitable task for every motivated team member.
  • What does working with corona restrictions look like?
    Due to the current situation, we cannot accurately estimate the time required for the next season. So far, KA-RaceIng has always been a full-time project, even though we've been working from home for most of this season. If work permits, we always work from home. Manufacturing and testing, however, takes place on site.
  • How can I reconcile participation in KA-RaceIng with my studies?
    Since KA-RaceIng is a full-time project, you won't have as much time for your studies as you used to. A normal semester with listening to lectures, doing internships and writing exams is not feasible next to our project. However, 1 - 2 exams per semester can still be arranged.
  • And how about a part-time job?
    Some of us do a student job in addition to participating. With good organization and agreement in advance, something like this is also possible.
  • What can you do? What subteams and components are there?
    Here you can find more information about our subteams and parts.
  • Can I write my thesis at KA-RaceIng?
    If you want to write a thesis in our team, you usually spend a whole season, i.e. two semesters, as a full team member and therefore also involved in the overall success of the team. We will then coordinate the topic with you.
  • Am I rewarded for my commitment?
    Since we are a university group and a non-profit association, the commitment is entirely voluntary and cannot be paid for. In return, our members get the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, apply the theory from their studies, establish contact with sponsors and experience teamwork on a whole new level. Quote from a team member: "KA-RaceIng is not a supplement to the course, but the course is one with KA-RaceIng".
  • Do I have to pay for something?
    Participation in the association is free of charge. Food, drinks, team wear and team building cannot be borne by the club due to our club structure.
  • How does the component and subteam division work?
    Before the start of the season, we try to assign all members to the sub-teams according to the preferences and the planned personnel expenditure. With the start of the new season, the first few days will be used to give everyone an overview of the different components in the subteam, through presentations, own research in our internal wiki and discussions with predecessors/alumni. After everyone has thought about it and discussed it with the sub-team leaders, we try to assign the components satisfactorily. If you have a specific component in mind or would like to contribute a development idea right from the start, you can include it in your application so that we know it straight away.
  • Can I participate at the beginning of my studies?
    We recommend that you only apply to us once you have completed the first semester and passed all the orientation tests.
  • Can you only participate for half a season?
    Basically, we all spend a whole season (two semesters) in the team to build and test the vehicle after the concept and design phase. The events in summer then form the joint conclusion of the season.
  • My question is not listed here. What now?
    You are welcome to send us an email to werbung∂ or us via WhatsApp at +49 176 71692453.
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