Autonomous System

In the Subteam Autonomous System we take care of the design and adaptation of all additional components belonging to the autonomous system as well as the programming for the recognition of the distance and control of the race car.




In addition to the existing brake, according to the regulations, an autonomously functioning mechanical brake must be integrated in the vehicle. The challenge here is to design and manufacture such an additional brake in the limited available front part of the monocoque.




Our steering in the Driverless racing car can be operated both autonomously and manually. We have added an electric drive to the steering, which can actuate the signals from the autonomous system.


Autonomous System

  • LiDAR: An essential part of the perception is the LiDar system, which detects all types of relatively high-resolution objects in a large area around the vehicle and provides distance information.


  • Camera: Since the LiDar can not distinguish between cones and geometrically similar objects, we merge the data with the camera system, with which we can not only plausibilize cones, but also perform a classification.


  • Motion Planning and Regulation: When the cones around the race car are known, motion planning can begin to not just planning a geometric path but also determining the dynamics of the race car. 


  • Localization and Mapping: In order to create a map and to be able to use the collected information for the following rounds, a good estimate of the movement is necessary.


  • Simulation: A simulation environment has been set up in which the Autonomous System can be tested with all sensor inputs and significantly accelerate software development.

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