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Support our team with a cell sponsorship

As a Formula Student team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, we at KA-RaceIng design and build a racing car with an electric drive. Every year, over 90 students in our team work to be at the forefront of international competition with universities around the world. For maximum performance, an electric motor on each wheel of the car is powered by a high-voltage battery. As a central energy supply, the battery plays a crucial role in the success of the vehicle. In order to be able to successfully implement this project as a student association, we rely on your support.

What does cell sponsorship mean?

The high-voltage battery in our car consists of 280 cells. You have the opportunity to support the team directly through a cell sponsorship. If you support us with a donation, we will immortalize your name on the battery container and/or issue you a donation certificate. The KA-RaceIng team would like to thank you for your support in the next success story of the vehicles from our racing team.

Donation contribution per cell: €30.00

To become a cell sponsor, please fill out the form below and further details will be communicated shortly.

Become a cell sponsor


Note: The cost of one cell is €30.00

Thank you!

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