We in Subteam Marketing take over the non-technical organization in the team, because not only engineering know-how is required in Formula Student.




The events of Formula Student do not only consist of disciplines where racing cars drive. In the business plan presentation, we develop a marketing concept for our racing cars and present it to a number of industry representatives who act as jurors and potential investors. From the idea to the financial concept and the marketing - all components have to be considered. In Cost Report, all parts that are installed in our prototype racing cars have to be listed with the corresponding costs and manufacturing processes. In the discussion with the jurors, we then have to prove our understanding of the costs and the production.




A race car can not be built solely by manpower and motivation. Our most important resource is the material and financial support of our partners. The sponsoring representatives in marketing take care of looking after our current sponsors and gaining new partners. Only through our partners, we are able to cover our total annual costs.


Event Organisation


Every spring, we present our three new racing cars to the Formula Student world. The big event with over 700 visitors requires a lot of planning. In addition, there are events such as the networking day and various fairs throughout Europe where we present ourselves to the public.


Design, Public Appearance, Photo & Film

Ensuring a professional and uniform corporate appearance by designing a corporate identity is the task of the design manager. In addition to the creation of print materials, such as flyers and posters, it is also about the preparation of photo and video material. Also, a professional appearance in the social channels and the creation of newsletters for our sponsors falls to this task area.


Tasks in the past seasons:

  • Public Appearance

  • Business Plan

  • Cost Report

  • Design

  • Event Organisation

  • Photo & Film

  • Sponsoring

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