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We in subteam Electronics contribute an important just import yet scarcely visible part to our racecars. We are very proud to develop almost all ECUs, and the necessary codes, ourselves.

Modular System Structure

We design all our electrical and electronic systems in a modular design. Thus, our systems always meet the requirements while remaining clear, structured and compact.




Features such as bi-directional live telemetry, complex onboard logic, and sophisticated data collection are just a few of the features that distinguish an intelligent vehicle. Both hardware and software are developed on almost all ECUs by our team.



Thanks to our professionally manufactured boards and the partially automated placement, we ensure a high process quality during production. We analyze all solder joints and test our components in a hardware-in-the-loop environment. This allows us to validate the components before they find their way into the vehicle. From low-level operations to the overall system, everything is verified in the program code.

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