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We in the subteam Suspension have the task to keep the racecars perfectly on the road to allow us to run at peak performance.

Concept & Validation

In the suspension, there are a lot of safety-related components. Therefore, reliability is of the upmost importance. Nevertheless, our goal is to improve the chassis with new, innovative concepts, and optimize our already existing solutions. In addition to reducing weight and minimizing unsprung masses, it is important to increase the stiffness in the suspension, and to ensure as well as improve upon the adjustability. Through the specific coordination of the individual components, we achieve exceptional agility, safety, and stable handling on the tight and twisty sections of the Formula Student.


Testing & Events

Taking the right setup for each discipline requires a lot of testing, due to the many adjustment options and the interaction of the individual components. On the test track, however, we do not rely solely on times and the feedback of our drivers, but also on the numerous sensors in our vehicle whose signals are recorded by a logger. The analysis of this data and the implementation of the findings are a vital key to our success.

Components in the past seasons:

  • Pedalbox

  • Vehicle Dynamics Simulation

  • Uprights

  • Wheel Hubs

  • Steering

  • Brakes

  • Springs-Dampers

  • Wishbone

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