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Since 2009, the subteam Monocoque, has stayed true to its motto  „light, lighter, CFRP", to produce all our components of fiber-reinforced materials. A steep learning curve in the topic of lightweight construction is the result of a nearly 100% in-house produced monocoque.


Concept & Simulation


In the early years after our founding, vehicles with a tubular framed design were used. Since 2009, the upgrade has been made to a CFRP monocoque. All components are simulated using FEM to ensure an optimal ratio of high stiffness to low mass. In the electric race car we have a monocoque, at the combustion we use a hybrid chassis made of CFRP front module and a steel rear frame to facilitate the maintenance of the engine, and to reduce its transmitted vibrations. 

Production & Validation


We manufacture all CFRP components in our racing cars in complete self-direction. Highly stressed components and crash structures are subjected to comprehensive validation processes in complex test operations with specially developed test rigs. In 2014, we won the "Best Use of Fiber Reinforced Plastics" award from BASF at Formula Student Germany due to our outstanding concept and know-how.


Components in the past seasons:

  • Ergonomics

  • Frames

  • Front Module C and Rear Frame

  • Front Module E

  • Small Parts

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