We in the Subteam aerodynamics deal with the air flow around our racing cars. Essentially, we have two tasks:


1. The reduction of air resistance

2. The generation of contact pressure or downforce, which increases driving stability.


Concept & CFD Simulation


In the development phase of our race car, we begin with the simulation of the concepts we have in mind. There are almost no limits to our creativity. Based on the simulation data, the components are then perfectly adapted to the racing car. The complexity lies in the variation and interaction of all components on the vehicle. A particular challenge for us is the different design of our two racing cars to maximum downforce with the combustion and high efficiency in electric.



To meet our goal of lightweight construction, we manufacture all components made of fiber composite materials in-house. To ensure the right balance between weight and rigidity, we simulate the layer structure of the components before production. 


Testing & Wind Tunnel

After the production we test the cars and their aerodynamics and compare the simulation results with the real results. A special highlight are the wind tunnel tests, with which we further refine our active aerodynamics (Drag Reduction System - DRS).


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