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The Formula Student is an international design competition for students. The first Formula Student event took place in 1981 in the United States, featuring only combustion cars. Currently, over 800 university teams take part in 14 worldwide competitions, showcasing their self-designed and self-built combustion, electric, and/or driverless race cars.  

Students are given free hand in creating concepts for their respective racecars. The regulations, published every year, primarily set safety standards for the competing vehicles.  The introduction of the electric category in 2010, and the driverless category in 2016, pushed the students’ innovations to be relevant for the future of transport.

Unlike other racing series, having the fastest car does not guarantee victory in the Formula Student. Teams are evaluated in eight events; five of which are dynamic and three static. Racing performance, deep understanding of engineering theory, and cost-related presentations are the focus of the Formula Student. Presentations are evaluated by a panel of judges consisting of experts from motorsport, automotive, and logistical industries.

disziplinen transparent.png

The maximum score of 1000 points achievable in the Formula Student events are tabulated as follows for combustion and electric race cars.


CV & EV          DC

CV & EV          DC

Static Disciplines:

Engineering Design:

Cost Analysis:

Business Presentation:

325 Points          150
150                     150
100                       -
75                         -

Dynamic Disciplines:

Skid Pad:

DV Skid Pad:


DV Acceleration:


DV Autocross:




675 Points        450
50                       -

75                      75
50                       -

75                      75
100                     -
-                        100

250                     -
75                       -
-                        200

KA-RaceIng’s most important Formula Student event is the Formula Student Germany (FSG), taking place annually at the Hockenheimring racing circuit. Around 3000 students from around the globe come together to compete.


Link FSG:              


Video FSG 2018:           

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