2,5 s

Top Speed

116 kph



Environment-detection: three cameras & four laser scanners
Data processing: autonomous system control unit (ASCU) feature extraction, data fusion and trajectory planning
Emergency brake system: redundantly designed pneumatic/hydraulic emergency brake system
Steer-by-wire: precise actuation of steering with brushed DC motor


Safety: side- and rear-impact structure made of CFRP sandwich structure, Aluminium front roll hoop and CFRP-honeycomb crash box
Seat & restraining system: seat made of CFRP sandwich structure, custom performance 6-point belt
Steering wheel: CFRP with integrated circuitry and controls
Interface unit: custom made interface unit with status-display


Battery: 5.2 kWh capacity, 470 V nominal voltage, high-energy Lithium-Polymer cells, self-developed high voltage battery management system (HV-BMS)
Cooling system: separate cooling circuits for power electronics and motors with adjusted temperatures
Motors: self-designed, permanently excited synchronous motor


Wheelbase: 1530 mm
Track: front: 1220 mm, rear: 1150
Suspension: CFRP-double wishbone axles
Uprights: welded hollow structure, adjustment of camber through shims
Wheel hubs: lightweight aluminium construction with integrated brake disc linkage
Spring-damper system: pull rod system on front and rear axles
Rims: 10” – CFRP Rims
Tyres: Hoosier R25B 18 x 7.5-10 
Brake system: AP brake callipers

Concept: modular structure, adjustable, communication via CAN-Bus
Live telemetry: self-developed, customizable live telemetry
Control unit: control of the powertrain system, actuation of cooling system and control of energy recuperation system
LV-Battery: lithium-iron phosphate accumulator


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