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Foto: Amadeus Bramsiepe

5 May

8:00 pm CEST

2021 Season Update 

Since the beginning of the season, we have been able to work with a strict hygiene concept at the East Campus. At the moment almost all members are in the home office, as the current contact restrictions mean that on-site work is limited. In set working groups, we were able to return to the garage earlier this year and continue working on the racecars. The vehicle status is constantly evolving. Tasks for which we do not need to be on site continue to be worked on from the home office.

The Formula Student organisers have announced the following dates for the 2021 competitions:


Formula ATA 14. - 18.07.2021

FS Austria 25. - 29.07.2021

FS Czech 26. - 31.07.2021

FS EAST 02. - 08.08.2021

FS Germany 16. - 22.08.2021

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