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We as the Engine team are responsible for the heart and soul of our combustion vehicle. We ensure the optimum performance of our engine as well as reliable operation of the entire powertrain.


Concept & Construction


Based on the past years, we are constantly developing the individual components of our engine. We scrutinize old concepts critically, we tackle problematic areas directly and try to get more performance out of the engine. To reduce weight and consumption, we use various modern production processes and materials in the area of the motor and the periphery - from SLM-manufactured components to function-optimized fine machinery and CFRP. Nearly all components of the periphery are self-constructed and developed.

Test Stand & Testing


The engine test stand is one of our core elements and essential for performance. We work very closely with the Institute for Piston Machines (IFKM) and develop different mappings for the individual disciplines of Formula Student. In addition to the power, calculated from the speed and torque data, we can also record the temperature behavior and fuel consumption.To increase the reliability of the race car, we test and validate all new components on our test bench before using it in the vehicle. When testing, we prepare the race car optimally for the upcoming events. Here we further refine the various engine maps and make the final fine adjustment.


Components in the past seasons:

  • 1D-Simulation

  • Gearbox

  • Cooling System

  • Fueling System

  • Air Duct

  • Test Stand

  • Circuitry and Coupling Actuators

  • Lubrication System

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