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What does the battery do?


  • The battery is the energy store of our vehicle, which has to be installed deep inside the vehicle due to its high weight

  • In-house developed battery management system is a central element, which is developed by the electronics engineers in interface work

How is the battery developed?


  1. Selection of cells according to power and weight and depending on the compatibility of the planned cell configuration

  2. Defining the boundary conditions specified by the regulations

    • 600V maximum voltage

    • Battery segments

  3. Battery concept development

    • Cell layout

    • Stack planning

      • Number of stacks

      • Cells per stack

    • Integration of the stacks into the battery container

    • Determining current path

  4. Implementation in CAD

    • Reproduction of the selected cells in CAD according to data sheet

    • Assembly of the cells according to concept

    • Container body

    • Connection of the cells in the stack

    • Separation of the individual stacks

    • Firm connection of the stacks in the container

    • Design of the busbars between the cells

  5. Development of the cooling concept

    • Selection of the cooling medium

    • Temperature requirements by regulations and cell

    • Determination of the required cooling capacity

  6. Compact integration of further parts for HV management from the electronics subteam and the cell temperature monitoring device


How is the battery manufactured?


  1. Ordering the cells

  2. Testing and measuring the cells

  3. In-house production of the battery container and the carbon cover in accordance with the fire protection regulations

    • Material specifications and manufacturing restrictions

  4. Bonding and welding of the cells to stacks

  5. Cycle the cells

    • Slow charging and discharging the cells

    • Further testing of the cells

  6. Ordering the cooling system components

  7. High-Volt commissioning

    • Is done in cooperation with the electronics subteam and other components

    • Possible loss of cells

  8. Assembly of the connecting elements between the stacks

  9. Final assembly of the battery

  10. Checking all functions and all safety-relevant equipment

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