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Event Organisation

In the course of a season many exciting events are scheduled. We have to organize trade fair appearances for students and with sponsors, present ourselves and our vehicles at internal company events and work closely with other marketing managers.

Every year in spring we present our new racing cars to the public at a Rollout. Such a large event with over 750 visitors requires a lot of planning, as can be seen here as an example.


What needs to be clarified in terms of organization when planning a major event?


  • Permits from the city must be obtained

    • Bar licenses and similar are required

    • The driving demonstration on public traffic areas must be applied for and approved

  • Cooperation with KIT for the organization and use of the location

  • Planning the catering for sponsors, guests and the team

    • Catering, ordering beer, ...

  • Rollout-Sponsors

    • Search for potential Rollout-sponsors

    • Close contact to the Rollout-sponsor

  • Planning of advertising for the event and invitations

Which questions need to be answered for a successful Rollout program?


  • Who moderates the event?

    • Much contact to motivated and committed alumni

    • Many creative meetings for presentation and introduction

  • How do you present the Rollout sponsor in the best possible way?

  • How do you unveil the vehicles in the most spectacular way?

  • What other creative ideas and surprises can be accommodated?

  • Which driving demonstrations will take place?

    • Arrangements with alumni regarding the vehicles

What needs to be prepared before the event?


  • Installation of the event technology

    • Designing and implementing lighting and sound technology

    • Implementation of the Rollout livestream

  • Design of the location

    • Sponsor area, Audimax foyer and Audimax

  • Creation of a personnel plan for the entire team

    • Support of sponsors, guests and vehicles

    • Planning the logistics between the Audimax and the Campus East

  • Final rehearsal of the rollout   

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