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What does the monocoque do?


  • Central element of the racing car

  • Houses the driver including all ergonomic parts

  • Houses most of the HV and electronic components

  • Specifies attachment points for all aerodynamic and suspension parts

  • Crucial component for the overall concept of the vehicle

How is the monocoque developed?

  1. Review of the current status and analysis of lessons learned

  2. Development of first packaging concepts and creation of first drawings on the whiteboard

  3. Design in CAD in close coordination with all subteams, especially with regard to connections, ergonomics, regulations limits and packaging

  4. Simulation in Hyperworks

  5. Creation of the positive mould in CAD

How is a monocoque tested?

  • Torsional stiffness is tested on a torsion test bench

  • Production quality is checked both optically and by X-ray

  • Weight check by scales

How is the monocoque made?

  1. Milling the positive mould from ureol

  2. Grinding and sealing of the positive mould and application of release agent

  3. Laying the negative mould with dry fibres and gradual infiltration

  4. Test run of the negative mould in the autoclave

  5. Grinding, sealing and application of release agent on the negative mould

  6. Laser-assisted laying of the outer layer and baking in autoclave

  7. Adaptation and insertion of the aluminium honeycomb core

  8. Laser-assisted laying of the inner layer and baking in autoclave

  9. Joining the two halves

  10. Final surface treatment

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